Dr. David Panton founded Panton Equity Partners (PEP) in 2012 to build a best-in-class private equity firm.  In doing so, his focus has been on establishing a core set of principles/values, developing and executing a clear and compelling process/investment strategy, and bringing together a diverse group of first-class people.


At PEP, our core principles infuse our culture and guide everything we do:

Alignment:  Creating complete alignment with our partners and win/win situations
Respect:  Treating everyone equally and fairly
Integrity:  Doing the right thing, always
Solutions:  Providing creative solutions and getting things done


Our investment process has roots in the extensive experience of its investment professionals.  This unique investment approach, Asymmetric Risk Investment Strategy, alters the traditional risk/return ratio by minimizing capital risk and maximizing the potential for outsized risk-adjusted returns.


We have built an entrepreneurial team of professionals with experience in private equity, investment banking, and operations.  Our collective skill sets enable us to execute the full range of private equity disciplines, from sourcing and structuring, to execution and post-acquisition management.